As we all know, the main source for photography is light and wherever there is light there is a little chance for shadows.

To eliminate shadows you can use soft light, but soft light lacks right impact in your photography.

If you know how to use these shadows of light appropriately, you can become successful in taking good pictures.

Here are few tips to use shadows in your photography.

  1. Use them to illustrate dimension and depth
  2. As the pictures taken by cameras are limited to 2 dimensional, you can use shadows to illustrate dimension and depth in portrait photographs. Portrait photographs often look lifeless and flat. That’s the reason why most of the portrait photographers include shadow effect in their photography.

  3. Use long shadows when taking pictures outdoors
  4. Get up early in the morning or stay up late afternoon when you are shooting outdoors. This can help you to use long shadows produced by less angled sunlight.

  5. Make it as your main subject
  6. Instead of eliminating them or if you are not able to avoid them, make shadows as your main subject of photography. Instead of trying to run away from it, try to embrace them and make use of it entirely.


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