Photography isn’t only about taking a camera and starting shooting. In order to make sure that your photos actually have something to say, you should think about the 10 principles of beautiful photography.

10 Principles of Beautiful Photography

1. The Brain

To take good photos you have to learn how the brain works. You need to understand what people will focus on when they see your photo and deliver to them what they want to see.

2. Use Technology

To learn about photography principles you should take a look at the best photos of the moment and figure out what they have in common.

3. No Toy Camera

Although there is no point in investing in an expensive camera while you are a beginner, the 10 principles of beautiful photography tell you to get the equipment that helps you develop.

4. Tripod

When thinking about the beautiful photography basics keep in mind that there is no shame in carrying a tripod around to make sure that your photos won’t be blurry.

5. Impressionism

Use the 10 principles of beautiful photography to achieve photos that represent reality vividly. It is a good idea to study the artwork of impressionism and transpose what you find into your photos.

6. HDR

To make the best of HDR photography you will have to do some experimenting as one of the beautiful photography principles. In some cases the software you use makes all the difference.

7. Have your Camera with you

It’s not enough to have an expensive camera at home and take trips to use it; you should do this the other way around so make sure you have your camera with you at all times.

8. Fantasy

Although there is need for quite a bit of creativity, then taking photos you have to be anchored in reality to be able to represent it through your photos; the point is to present reality in a fantastic way, just like children do it.

9. Drawing

Professional photographers believe that taking good photos will become easier if the photographers learn to draw. Some people say that drawing isn’t something that people can learn if they don’t have any natural talent. In fact in this case you will have to learn about the rules of drawing and use them when taking shots.

10. Making Mistakes

Maybe the most important one of the 10 principles of beautiful photography is to make mistakes. This is because this is the easiest way to learn and to grow.


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