Digital photography is an art and apart from having a good eye for capturing good frames, one also needs to possess skills, have knowledge of the digital camera and well, use a few tips and tricks.  Yes, it’s true that knowing a few tips can turn an ordinary shot into a wonderful one. The following are the top 10 digital photography tips and tricks which can prove useful for you:

1. Use Rule of Thirds

1.Use rule of thirds

This is the most popular composition tip which is essential to add wonders to your shot.  To achieve this rule, consider your frame divided by four lines, two lying vertical and two horizontal, thus resulting in 9 equal squares.  In this rule, you must always place the subject off center.

2. Avoid Shaking off Camera

2.Avoid shaking off camera

To create a perfect shot, you have to avoid blurring the image. Blur in technical terms is called camera shake. To avoid camera shake, you must keep your hands completely still while clicking your shot.

3. The Sunny 16 Rule

3.The sunny 16 rule

This rule defines how we can predict how to meter the camera on a sunny day.  So to click on a sunny day, you must choose an aperture of f/16 and a shutter speed of 1/100th.

4. Use a Polarizing Filter

4.Use a polarizing filter

Another tip to get good pictures using a digital camera is to use a polarizing filter.  This is a filter which helps to reduce reflections from gas, metal or water.

5. Create Sense of Depth

5.Create sense of depth

Whenever you are clicking landscapes, you must create as much depth of field as possible.  To achieve this, use a small aperture of f/16. You can also use a wide angle lens for a sharp background.

6. Go for Simpler Backgrounds

6.Go for simpler backgrounds

Digital photography turns out well when the background is kept simple. Whenever possible, opt for a plain background and go for simple patterns.  Also, make use of neutral colors for the backdrop.

7. Don’t use Flash when Indoors

Flash makes your pictures look unnatural and must be avoided when shooting indoors.

8.Pan to Create Motion

8. Pan to create motion

The panning technique must be used when you wish to click something which is in motion.  To avoid camera shake in this situation, use a tripod.

9. Choose the Right ISO

9.Choose the right ISO

In brighter conditions, lower ISO must be used whereas in darker situations, higher ISO setting has to be used.

10. Experiment with Shutter Speed

10.Experiment with shutter speed

Try and use different shutter speeds for same frames to see wonderful differences.

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