Even if it seems strange, the digital photography is at the same time easier and more complicated than film will ever be.

Complicated because there are a large number of cameras on the market, you need a computer to store photos and software for post-processing images; the colors can be changed or enhanced, the contrast can be adjusted, imperfections can be removed, and images can be combined to produce awesome new designs.


But due to this modern technology we expect things to be done quickly and with astonishing performance helping news to spread faster and with greater impact.

Like the one done by a totally abstract representation of a deadly war zone.

At full speed, Karen Mirzoyan surprises the border area between Turkey and Armenia, without violence or clichés, just a mechanical speed induces the danger, persecution and war madness.

Despite the violence, his little characters give us the impression of a dream, the dream of ethnical reconciliation between the two countries.

The DSLR photographer can more easily share files with others on a team, for example, working on a magazine photo shoot.

A traveling photographer doesn’t have to wait to return home and have his or her film processed in a dark room before viewing the results.

Professional digital cameras bring a whole host of new features to the table that used to be unimaginable, and it takes a lot of stress off of any professional photographer’s shoulders and technique becomes unimaginable art.

Source : Telegraph


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