digital photosYour digital camera and photographs need great care if you want them to last forever.

I’m sure everyone wants to have memories that date back to several years back in their photo albums, or memories of someone who has passed on.

Well it’s possible; you just have to follow the easy steps.

After taking your photos, do not keep them in your memory card for long. Download your photographs on to your personal computer with the USB cable that usually comes with the camera.

If your cable is not part of the package you can purchase one in any gadget or camera store. You never know when someone is going to grab the camera from your purse or from your locker.

Then what? Camera gone and so is every memory you so hold dear. OR you may borrow it to a friend and she mistakenly deletes your memory! They will all be lost with just the press of a button.

When you download your photos create your own photo studio. File them either according to dates or events. That way you have an organized system for viewing your photographs.

If you scatter your photos around, it will be both time and energy wasting to go through the whole jumble. Separate your best moments from your not so best moments.

Keep backup of all your photos. Has it ever occurred to you that your hard drive may be wiped out completely, all of a sudden when you forget to update your anti virus?

And then what? Or your computer may just crush while your friend has borrowed it. These things happen. So keep your photos on compact discs or DVDs. Label all your discs the same way you labeled your entire picture files on the computer.

Refrain from deleting any pictures from your camera. You may end up deleting the wrong one or all of them just by pressing the wrong button. Keep all the photos. Whether you think they are bad or good.

Five years down the line you won’t regret keeping the one you thought was ugly. Each photo always has a story to tell when you look at it, even the worst photos. Keep this in mind.

Do not edit any of your original photos. You can save the original first and then start editing.

You need to keep track of your good and bad photographs so you will know where and how to improve in the near future. If you prefer the edited version then keep it, but rather keep both photos than delete the original.


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