photograph albumOnce you have your photographs safely stored away either on your computer or in a storage card the next decision is what size prints to go for.

These days there is a vast range which you can achieve at home or even more if you take your pictures into a professional developing service.

The more practical size and most popular is the 4 x 6; it is not only easy to handle but also very accommodating in terms of storage.

The majority of photograph albums are designed for this size as well as most photo frames. Overall they are very convenient.

The other end of the scale is the poster size; if you want to create artwork this size of picture means that you are half way there already. This is harder to achieve in the home but can be found very cheaply amongst competing processing outlets. Any image can be put on anything and making your own posters is great fun.

In most cases only go bigger than the basic, once you know the image is of a reasonable quality.

Larger prints will show up any imperfections but is avoidable with a digital camera. You can enlarge the photograph before it even leaves your computer.

Other sizes to consider are 5 x 8 or after that 8x 10. With right pictures that have great advantages especially will be going in a picture frame or mounting to display on the wall. Small wallet sized photographs are perfect for giving out to friends and family and are often done for school pictures.



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