Digital photo printDigital photo print is the term which does not need any introduction.

This has given widespread in printing industry and the benefits of printing gave a boom in the use of digital cameras.

The main aspects that helped the growth of digital photography are:

  • The cost of the film which cannot be ignored and should be replaced after a period of time.
  • Compatibility
  • User friendly access
  • No more waiting for film to develop and cost is less compared with the film.

The growth of digital camera opened a new era for printing. It has spread in such a way that it cornered the traditional printing technology of film development.

Printing is not only done on paper but the vast technology has supported to get prints even on cloth, plastic and on canvas.

Digital photo printing is done with the help of photo printers. The most important things which contribute to the high quality of digital picture are:

  • Image Resolution of the picture: Gives details to the picture. Always should be 200-300 DPI (dots per inch).
  • Good paper: The paper should be of good quality. It should be free from lignin and chlorine to retain the image quality for years.
  • Pixels: Noticeable squares that can be seen in photos or printed photos. To find the pixels, multiply the paper length by its width in inches and you get the perfect PPI (pixel per inch).
  • Printing set up: All you need is a good printer. But you should have an idea of PPI (pixel per inch) to attain the perfect output of the picture.

Online photo prints and digital photography sites offer digital prints for personalized albums and many more features.

  • Personalization: Choosing a good online digital photo print will help you to print the images of your favorite structure such as picture frames, T-shirts, clip boards and many more.
  • On line storage: Many online soft wares provide not only storage but also provide the back-up files. In case you lost any of your file, you can regain those photos.

Advantages of digital photo print:

  • No processing cost of the film. Easier and cheaper.
  • No wastage of the reel as memory can be reused.
  • Supports still photos.
  • Storing is easy, can be stored in hard disk, CD and online albums.
  • Easy sharing, as format is supported by many email and software packages.


  1. great points and helpful info. I’ve been using for about 4 months now after switching from Shutterfly. The interface isnt as nice but I’ll trade that for the speed and convenience of picking up my digital prints in 1 hour at my local Ritz store any day.

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