As a photographer, you will not only be required to be creative when it comes to clicking but also technical when it comes to editing the pictures. You will be faced with the difficult decision of making choice between Photoshop and Lightroom, both of which are excellent photo editing tools and softwares.

Where on one hand, many photographers in the world, both amateurs and professionals swear by Photoshop, others just can’t imagine using anything but Lightroom. If you too are someone facing this difficult decision, the following given comparison will be of help to you:

photoshop Vs lightroom

Photoshop Strengths


One of the strengths of Photoshop is that it allows many layers to be stored within one file which means you can edit on separate layers and it is thus possible to enhance each independently.

Pixel Level Editing

All images stored in Photoshop are comprised of pixels and thus one can edit even at the level of these pixels. Thus limitless manipulation is possible.

Blending and Compositing

It is possible in Photoshop to blend different levels of images together and in many unique ways. Also, there is a feature of masking available which protects some parts of images from adjustments. Lightroom does not offer this option.

Lightroom Strengths

Built in RAW Editing

One of the greatest strengths of Lightroom is the possibility of editing in RAW.Lightroom has the capability of accepting RAW Files straight from the camera and allows editing of the same.  This option is not present in Photoshop.

Simple to Use

Strength of Lightroom is that this software is very easy and simple to use. Ofcourse, Lightroom doesn’t have a toolbox as huge as Photoshop but there is much less to learn and easy to manipulate.

Photoshop Weaknesses

Steeper Learning Curve

There may be many tools present in this software but mastering each one of them takes a lot of practice as well as time.

No Image Management

In Photoshop, there isn’t any fully recognized or built in workflow system or management system for photographers. This in comparison to Lightroom is a big weakness.

Lightroom Weaknesses

No Layer Management

One of the weaknesses of Lightroom is that it offers no layer management. There is no separation of layers and hence no option for blending them.

Noadvanced Editing Tools

A lot of advanced editing features and tools present in Photoshop are not present in Lightroom and this can be considered as one of its weakness.

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