Creating images like this is possible through Photoshop program. In case you want to create similar images, open the Photoshop. The first step is to place the background of your picture.

You have several options in the main menu. Just click on Image, then Adjustment and then Color Balance. Those are the three options that will set the background of your picture.

Choose the tones and shadows, as you can even select the highlights and the shadows. The next step is to color the sky. Usually the surrealistic image contains skies with cyan tones. In order to create this, just duplicate the layer with the sky and again press one by one the main buttons for setting the image (Image, then Adjustment, then Color Balance).

The experts are advising you to use more blur shadows, for it creates a mystic atmosphere.

The final step is to add the model or the object of the picture. As you can see the picture with the model looks spiritual and surrealistic, adding the model isn’t that easy and you need to be very careful, in order to make it as it is a natural creation.

Open the picture with the model or the object. Go to the magic wand tool and create a selection. Click on the add layer mask button and choose a mask. You can brush the mask of the model as you will see different options. Then simply position the object in the centre or wherever you have chosen.


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