Almost every PC user is using some kind of graphic application for digital photo editing as well as for any type of online picture editing and would definitely need photo editing tools for the same.

Most of the times this software applications are pretty expensive so compiling a list of free photo editing tools is something every fan of photo editing would love.

Keeping in mind that the free software offers anything a beginner in the photo editing would need here are ten examples of photo editing tools easy to install and use.

IrfanView 4 is an excellent way of photo visualization and also a very cool photo editing tool. It is available in several different languages and has a large number of plug-ins that makes it compatible with all the photo cameras.

FastStone Image Viewer 3.2 is a image visualization software but also a simple and easy to use photo editing tool which can be used anytime in the place of any photo editing Windows OS can offer.

GIMP 2.2.13 makes the photo manipulation to look like a child’s play in same time producing outstanding results and offering you a set of tools that a little number of free photo editing programs offer to the general user.

Paint .NET 3.08 is only compatible with Windows OS but otherwise is a very flexible photo editing tool offering a large variety of useful and user friendly applications.

ColorPic 4.0 brings the possibility of color identification –color picker- being capable to mix a palette of 16 colors.

Magnifier 3.0 is an application the type of a real magnifying glass that will allow you to increase the size of a photo which can become very useful when you need to identify the details that you can’t normally see with the naked eye.

FastStone Photo Resizer 1.4 allows the users, among other things, to convert , resize and change the resolution of a photography.

The application supports the large majority of the photo formats (BMP, JPEG, JPEG 2000, GIF, PNG) this making it a very useful photo editing tool for the digital camera owner.

ImageDiff 1.0.1 is a photo editing tool destined for image comparing. It offers the user the possibility of comparing two images and see the difference between them.

GIMPshop 2.2.8 is mainly destined to the Adobe Photoshop users due to the interference resemblance being in the same time a free alternative of the very famous but one of a very pricy photo editing tools.

Picasa 2.7 is a Google made application which, along the editing and adjusting options also offers a possibility of organizing of the photos in photo albums archived according to the date.

This is one of the very few photo editing tools which reads JPEG, GIF, PSD, BMP, photo formats and the great advantage it has is that is compatible with the largest majority of digital camera in the market making photo editing seem like a simple task.


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