What is the best tool, when you want to make panoramic pictures? STOIK Imaging has made another revolution, when it comes to digital photography. Now the famous Windows panorama making tool is more available than ever.

STOIK Panorama MakerLast ability, offered from STOIK is STOIK Panorama Maker for Mac, which allows perfect rendering of the images, when a moving object gets in the picture.

Panorama Maker for Mac will put an end to the blurred and misshapen pictures with one special option-Object-preserving blending.

The new program features are lens, geometrical compensation, and manual matching of the images.

All this can be made in 3 steps- adding images, selecting the stitching mode, and obtaining the result.

The images you take automatically are assembled horizontally, vertically, 360-degree and in tiled panoramas.

There is also an option for auto-correct the images. STOIK Panorama Maker for Mac is available with Mac OS X (10.4, 10.5 and 10.6) and the price is only 39 USD for a single-user license.



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