Photo editing is often an issue for the professional digital photographers and the programs they are using are somehow not good enough for them. The goal for perfection, while editing is explainable.

Mugtug Darkroom is another creation, which is made to improve the photo editing program and allows lots of new options. Actually the Mugtug is a new program browser that is based on HTML5 photo editors.

The program was launched at the Google I/O web developer conference and there was a demonstration why this program is better than other photo editors based on Flash. The new browser opens new options and allows freedom with a new version of HTML.

The Mugtug Darkroom suggests a brand new scripting APIs, which provide possibilities such as offline data storage, drop functionality etc. As for now, the interesting app is working in Firefox 3.6, but you can try on other browsers.

The advantage of the Mugtug is that after uploading the images in Picasa, Flickr or URL, you can keep doing editing with options just like Photoshop.

According to its creators, the program is really improving to the usual way of photo edition and the browser will surely help the professionals to detail their images online.


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