The term microstock photography is used for a collection of low-priced, and royalty free stock photos. Stock photos are basically a collection of images that websites sell to clients who are looking for a photo on the same topic.

For instance, a sports magazine may be looking for a soccer photo and can check with a stock photo company to see if it has a suitable one to use. If the site has a photo the client deems usable, it can be downloaded for a fee. However, some stock photos may be free.

Microstock photography is typically aimed at small businesses and individuals who are looking for specific types of images as the cost is usually less expensive than traditional stock photo firms.

Another good thing about microstock photography is that it’s opened the door for quite a few photographers to enter the market and make some money by selling their photos.

Previously, it was pretty hard getting into the stock photo business as many companies limited which photographers could sell images on their sites and what types they were allowed to sell.

However, with microstock firms, the companies generally ask photographers to submit their photographs, which allows hobbyist and amateur photographers to earn some money.

Most microstock sites have thousands of low-cost high-resolution photos to download in just about all topics including animals, landscapes, sports, and travel etc.

When it comes to payment methods, most agencies are pretty close in price, but have different buying systems. Some sites sell their images by using a credit system, some sell them by subscription, and some may offer both.

Some companies allow you to buy single images, and may also sell the actual prints.

If you’re enthusiastic about photography, it’s a good idea to learn how microstock photography sites work as they may be an excellent outlet to share your images with the rest of the world and make a decent income while doing it.

Many photographers have large portfolios of fine images that could be of interest to other people and/or businesses across the world.

If you supply sites with numerous images and they are downloaded a few times a day you might be surprised at how much money you can make as it can add up pretty quickly.

If you have a collection of photos you’d like to share it might be a good idea to look into the microstock photography industry a little more closely.


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