Usually it doesn’t cost you anything to become a member of a royalty free stock photo site, and the sites charging you to store and manipulate your photography work should be avoided.

If you Google royalty free stock photos there is a very good chance that you stumble upon a “Search & Win Campaign” hosted by You will notice for sure that for a simple image search you conduct on their site you can be the lucky winner of an Amazon coupon. The procedure is quite simple when you think of it. You simply have to register, search and if the winner thumbnail appears, follow the instructions and claim your prize. Simple, isn’t it? is one of the best as royalty free stock photo sites go. It appeared on the market not very long ago and grew extremely fast, focusing on making the image selling business cool, legit and lucrative.

What makes them so competitive in the business? Probably the price charged from that of downloading your work.

Just take a look at their “Sell Images” section. Here the average photographer can sell images and vector illustrations with an average price of $0.30-$2.50 each. The number of photographs that one can upload is unlimited; and the more photos you upload, larger the commission you get from the pictures you sell. The accepted formats for the pictures you can upload are Bitmap-JPG and Vector-EPS.

When you have gathered $50 you can request a payout via PayPal.

If you are a contributor at you can always become and affiliate too using their affiliate program. The affiliate section can offer you 15% commission for any new client you refer. The beauty of it is that you can refer both customers and subscribing members and you get paid a fee every time they buy or sell images on

If you think that this site can’t be cooler than it already is, you should have a look at their “Photoshop Tutorials” section. The guys do their best to teach you all about the significant post-processing effects that can give your photos a professional look.

Why would you want them to look professional? Well…selling photos is a very profitable business and high quality processing will allow you to be as original as possible.

Keep in mind that you can master Photoshop only with the right training; so make sure you check out the “Photoshop Tutorials” from for some awesome lessons that will make your shots perfectly fit to be sold for considerable profit.


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