Amateur or professional, sometimes the unfortunate events during or after taking pictures may cause trouble.

The accidentally deleted images, the battery failing during saving a picture or a card corruption are the common and most irritating ways to lose a picture which may hold significant memories.

Lexar Image Rescue-4Lexar Image Rescue 4 is here to help when facing these kinds of problems. It is simple recovery software that enables the salvaging of valuable photos or videos from any kind of memory card using any card reader.

The software has easy to use and one step recovery process features which allow a simple way of use and are not wasting any time. Also it supports multi-languages to allow people an easier understanding of the process from all around the world.

The software provides reliable image recovery of most popular file types such as JPEG, RAW, TIFF, MP4, AVI, etc. Other than recovery, the software allows to reformat the card back to its original settings.

Lexar Image RescueThe process of recovering an image begins with scanning every sector of the memory card and then reporting any errors automatically.

The compatibility of software other than the multi-language feature is that it can be used with both PC and Mac, plus performing in any updates to maintain with the latest operating systems.

Whether being amateur or professional, knowing that Lexar Recovery 4 software will help anytime there might be problem gives a peace of mind and taking beautiful shots with no fear to lose.


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