Joe Rossbach is a name that almost anyone into the digital art knows.

The professional that specializes in nature photography loves to capture the divine wilderness and his works achieved fame and respect, for being a controversial proof that digital art can express better than words can do.

Joe is a self- made photographer, who has no education, but his experience and point of view are examples for those, who are willing to achieve such class and style. Rossbach has a certain approach to his images.

He is one of the few photographers that are willing to take extreme risks, just to capture the natural look of the wilderness. His job as a photographer includes hiking and sliding down into dangerous canyons, just for the sake of the better expression.

The photographer doesn’t like to edit. He simply goes to extremely dangerous places and uses maximum lenses to show the nature in its own colors and angles. In case you want to follow the example of Joe Rossbach, simply go for what your intuition says.

Capture the wilderness and try to stay close to the object you are capturing. Another good example that the photographer gave is his artistic sense of colors.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with the shadows and the contrast. Take a look at his pictures and you will see the nature images are better when they represent something contrastive and full of life


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