From today on, your digital photo albums will have a new look.

If you are a fan of changes and especially if you have already made friends with one of the most popular Swedish desktop application, you have serious chances of loving Jalbum, internet’s newest browser based version.

The fascinating thing about it is that, compared with the majority of similar applications on the market, Jalbum requires no download, no installation and no software!

You simply click on and there you have it, ready to work. It is designed to please both the professionals and the amateurs and it can host about 28 million photo albums.

And they do not simply exist in the virtual world as such, you can design and fully control their display with the help of the 90 design function (a number we expect to see expand). The program was released today in Stockholm and it is a result of the collaboration of more than 5,000 users that were part of the testing program.

The collaboration between Pixlr and Jalbum allows you to edit your photos before you publish them, so they can look truly stunning. The first edition of Jalbum was created as a sideline project by David Ekholm in 2002 and has won many distinctions so far from Softpedia,,, Tucows and other software companies.


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