photographAs a photographer, you must have clicked enough pictures and made a photo album of yours. What’s next?

How long can you just go on clicking images and adore them in your album, you need to sell your images for a fairy price.

Selling your photos doesn’t mean to sell your art.

Selling the pictures will give encouragement to your photography career or photography hobby.

If people like your photographs and buy them for a fairy good price, you will have a rise in your financial status and will be willing to click more photographs.

What do you do with a hard drive full of images? Convert the images into money and fill your bank account. Tally the different ways to sell your pictures and find the best way.

The first thing to remember before selling your photographs is being sure that your pictures are flawless and looks great. The photos you want to sell must not have the old mundane subjects and techniques; they must be unique with different patterns. You should be sure that your photo does not need any extra editing to cover some mistakes [Steps to perform image editing].

Before knowing how to sell pictures, you should know what to shoot. There is a world of subjects to click, but all the subjects do not sell for a good price.

The glimpse of pictures which sell and make money for you are:

  • Vacation pictures, which include landmarks [Tips for landscape photography], monuments, architecture and scenic [Tips to shoot scenic photos].
  • Sporting events: School sporting events are pictures to make money. Other sporting events are soccer, wrestling, hockey, school plays and concerts.
  • Local events: Check the internet and newspaper and find the interesting events in your place like balloon races, car races, shows, county fairs and trade shows.

There are different ways to sell photographs such as:

Sell them to online sites: Many online sites upload your photos and sell them for you. They may charge a nominal fee to upload your photos and some sites do not charge a penny. Before choosing an online site, check the feed backs on that site. This gives you an idea of the website and tallying the pros and cons of the site will help you in finding a good online site.

Make an exhibition: Locate a small place where people often gather. It can be a plant nursery or a pet shop. Art shows give a fairy good chance for upcoming photographers in selling their pictures. If your portfolio is impressive, you can even place them in mall and airports for a good sell.

Send your photographs for a competition: The competition can differ from an online photo competition to an art exhibition, if your photo wins the ‘best image’ in the competition. Sources come to you for buying your photographs.

Use Print media to sell images:

Send them to magazines: If your images are impressive and eye-catching, send them to an upcoming magazine or a famous magazine. If they like your images, they publish them as their cover page and pay you handsome money.

Print on a shirt: If your photographs are antique, it can be printed on a shirt. This is an old model of selling images, but if your images have some interesting features, it can be sold out.

Print them on different items: Print your images on mouse pads, calendars and on CD covers. These patterns work for sure. All these items are regular and useful accessories. The printing of the images on these accessories make the items interesting.


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