Any digital photographer knows that many vintage photographs are made by a special editing photo program.

In case you want to turn your image into a vintage image, there are thousands of opportunities how to perform it, but the easiest way remains the Photoscape editing program.

The effects of the program are just like your image was shot long time ago and moreover, it will contain scratches just as any antique photograph.

This option of Photoscape turns to be very popular and useful, so here are some easy steps how to turn your image into an antique one.

The most important part before starting the program is to create a backup of the original image. Save it and then open the copy in Photoscape.

Select the Home tab and then click on the Filter option. There you will see the button Antique Photo, just click on it and it will open seven major effects that are available for creating the vintage picture.

Choosing the right effect is an easy performance, because you can try all of those seven effects.

Click in the dialog box and select. No matter what you are selecting, the picture that is in the editor will change.

The extra options are the effects of grayscale, sepia and no color conversion. Click Ok and then Save and you got your antique image.


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