How to ruin the perfect picture? There are numerous things that might do this for you and in the majority of the cases it isn’t the fault of the photographer. A beautiful landscape is always worth to be photographed, but there is nothing you can do about the weather.

A boring weather could make an interesting picture look boring as well, but with the help of Photoshop, you might correct this small problem. Naturally you should think in advance.

In case you see a nice sky, you should make some shots. Be sure that you have photos made in various moments.

An important thing when changing the sky on a picture is to have the same focal length in both cases and the sky to be lit from the same direction as the landscape. In case they aren’t, you could always flip the picture.

How to Fix a Boring Sky You Captured in the Picture?

The first thing that you have to do regarding editing the picture, is to replace the old sky. To do so, double click on the background layer in the “layers” palette and turn the background layer into “layer 0”.

This way you will be able to delete the layer with the old sky, and add the other picture as a new layer under the main picture.

Selection is one of the most important steps in the process. This will determine whether the picture is believable or not. The quality, smoothness and the position will make the picture a good or bad one.

The software offers a variety of tools to choose from. In case the color of the sky is about the same, you might opt for the “magic wand” tool.

Set the tolerance to 32, and the tool will make the selection on its own, since the contrast between thesky on a picture and the landscape is pretty big. Although everything seems to be moving on its own, there is still some work to do. You should expand the selection with a few pixels to make sure that there won’t be a bright line in the middle.

Since you will nibble a bit from the top of the landscape, you should use the feather tool to soften the edges. Although the edges might seem sharp enough, at a 100% magnification, you might realize that it isn’t quite so. This is why you need the “feathering” for.

Some of the objects on the picture might disappear, but this could be even better than the original photo. Once you are happy with the selection, just hit the escape button.

Open both of the pictures in the program, and drag the photo with the sky over the main photo. Most probably this will be considered main photo, but you can move it in the back using the “layers” palette.

In the end all there is left to do is to blend everything together. This is easily done through masking the layers, another tool in the “layers” palette. Through this you can do the editing to make the two pictures fit together.


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