Certainly you have seen cool photos of people levitating and you may have wondered how to create levitation effect. Although it may seem very complicated, you can be sure that you could create it on your own as well if you knew a few tricks.

Chair or table for creating levitation effect

First of all, you will need a chair or a table to place the camera on to make sure that you will capture the same frames. It might also be useful to have a helping hand for this so that you will ensure the fixed position of your camera. Otherwise the pictures might become blurry.How to Create Levitation Effect

A blank shot

The next step for levitation effect creation is to take a blank shot. All the shots should have the exact same focus so the end result will look like it is one single shot. This will be used in Photoshop to place the other layers on.

Final touches

When it comes to how to create levitation effect you will have to have your subject in different positions to capture all the body parts in the same angle. Most probably you will have to use several shots for the final result.

Doing Photoshop

Once you have the shots for levitation effect preparing, it is time to turn to Photoshop. It is good to know that if you use layers, you will be able to make destructive changes in the shot. On the other hand, using masks will enable you to make non-destructive changes.

Other tips

In case you are asking how to create levitation effect, remember that smothering can be used to remove all unwanted objects from the picture, such as a person. Canvas size is another aspect to be thinking about. You can use it if you wish to change the size of the picture without distorting it.


In order to create the effect of levitation you will have to go Image and Canvas Size. Here you will be able to increase the size of the picture in all directions. The extra space will be filled with the background color and you can add new objects to this empty space.

Now that you know how to create levitation effect, you will be able to let your imagination run wild and create the shots you never even dreamed about. This is a good way for broadening your horizons regarding photography.


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