A traffic light could be found almost anywhere in any part of the world. But taking the true essence of a traffic light could be a little bit difficult. The best way to make a traffic light is using vector-based application because the rigid structure of a traffic light will look best in the vector way.

To make a traffic light, you need to add a lot of details to make it look alive. Through this brief guide you can do your best to make a fancy image of the traffic light and you could experiment with the other road signs as well.

We are going to use some basic functions of Adobe Design Premium CS5 software. You just need to know how to make layers, simple shapes, gradients, and of course the Outer Glow effect.

To make a custom gradient, start by double-clicking on the fill color box. When the Color Picker window has showed up, choose a yellow or golden color.

Next, at the Swatches Palette, you must choose the New Swatch at the bottom of the window. Do it for several times to make two lighter and two darker swatches. These colors could be implemented in the custom gradients.

At the gradient window, choose the linear and drag the color from the swatches palette. Use three custom gradients to use them for different parts of the traffic light. Click New Swatch in the palette to save them.

Make a nice rectangle for the body and fill it with a custom gradient. Then, hold Shift and drag out a square. Give the smaller square a custom gradient too by defining its angle and implement it on the square. Use the effect Outer Glow to give the square a depth effect.

Choose the darkest swatch for the parameters and you will see a slight shadow. You could also add some details like bolts in the square. Use the Ellipse Tool, press the Shift and make a small fancy circle. Make four copies of it and give them custom gradients and Outer Glow as well. Don’t forget to make a small line for the slot.

Use several big circles that still fit in your square as the light mount and do it again for the light cones. But instead of golden yellow, pick white to black gradient for the light cones.

Make one smaller circle than the light cones but this time you should make the opposite gradient. Make two more and fill three of them using the color red, yellow, and green.

Also use a radial gradient and some soft pattern to give more details. You can also give some side cones and decorate them with some gradients as desired.

Photo Credit: vovchychko


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