High Dynamic Range or HDR can be a pain, especially when one has to wade through complicated software that generates HDR images from the multiple exposures one feeds in. HDR Express claims to make it easier and faster to get final results and also promises to make the software a breeze to use.

It takes its time to load in the exposures but it does more than makeup for that time thanks to the excellent results that it produces.


Even the default images that the HDR Express comes up with (when you command it to merge and edit chosen images) are excellent and require just a little tweaking. In fact the results are so good that one needs to spend minimum time tweaking the images in Photoshop.

The software works in 32 color bit and has a fantastic balance of color and the white balance is nearly perfect too.

If one is not completely satisfied with the images thrown up by the HDR Express, one needs to adjust 10 sliders that help modify histogram, brightness, highlights, shadows, black point, contrast, saturation, white balance, warmth and tint. Usually very minor adjustments need to be made to get the perfect image.

As the software website claims, HDR Express is a sure game changer that demystifies HDR Photography.


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