digital photoOver half the population of the United States now own a digital camera.

However many people, until recently, seem to be leaving photos stored away on their computers rather than displaying them in their homes.

Companies have begun to realize that this was happening so there are now new technologies and many creative ways that they are cashing in on the situation.

You can now purchase a digital photo frame, which once you have loaded your camera card will display the various images that are stored away.

From posters to T-shirts, there are now endless medium that can have a digital photograph placed on them. You could even have your own customized wallpaper made if you so desire. It seems like an explosion of ideas hitting the market at the same time.

Some of these ideas can be done at home on your own computer, with lots of places to but supplies of paper, cards and other item that can have a digital image put on it. There is also a range of software that can help you personalize items so check them out and let your creative juices flow.

If you prefer to leave it to the experts, and then make sure you choose someone you will show you the work they have done and if possible follow someone’s recommendation.

For simple pictures small self service kiosks are popping up all over the country, this is good news because healthy competition will drive prices down, which is great for the consumer.


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