In case you are evaluating the fundamentals of digital image processing you should know that there are numerous steps that you have to consider and all the steps have sub-steps as well. In order to process a picture you have to go through all of these steps.


Image acquisition as one of the digital image processing fundamentals

This is the first step of the entire process since you need to have something to work with. Acquisitioning a picture could be something simple; it is possible that you are given the picture in a digital format. This stage also includes preprocessing, like scaling.


When it comes to the basics of digital image processing, this is one of the most appealing and simplest steps. The main point of this step is to bring out the hidden details of a photo. Also you could simply highlight some of the features of the picture that seem more interesting, like changing brightness and contrast.


The fundamentals of digital image processing include improving the appearance of a picture. While this is something like enhancement, in that case the changes made are subjective, while in this case you have to be objective. The techniques used are based on probabilistic or mathematical models.

Color image processing

The digital image processing basics in this case are becoming more and more important especially because the photos are often used on the internet. The step could include processing in digital domain or color modeling.

Multiresolution and wavelets processing

If you are looking for the fundamentals of digital image processing you should know that the wavelets are the basis of representing the pictures in different kinds of resolution. The images are divided into smaller regions for pyramidal representation and data compression.


The main point of this step is to decrease the physical storage space required for saving the image or to save bandwidth when transferring the image. If the picture is used on the internet, it is very important to compress it.

Morphological processing

The purpose of this important step of digital image processing is to use tools to extract the components of the image that is important in the description and representation of the picture.

Other fundamentals of digital image processing also include segmentation, description and representation, and object recognition and this way you will end up with the knowledge base and the how-to of image processing.


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