Do you want to publish your images from Lightroom 2 to directly Flickr? Then follow some simple steps, which will help you promoting your works on new level.

lightroom flickr

First download the tool at according to your version of Lightroom2. Unzip the file and find the LRPlugin folder.

Drop the contents of this file in place, the ones you are going to use for this goal, but better is to place them near Lightroom2 files in a more central location.

Go back to Lightroom2 and click on File, then Plug-in Manager. There you can add the previously stored file, select it and then click Ok.

Then a dialog box with instruction will appear, read it and you will see the listing of your plug-ins. Click done and exit. Next step is to choose images for uploading to Flickr. Choose the option Export with right click on the mouse and press it on the picture you want to transfer.

After that, on the top of the dialog box you will see some files on disk heading, click on them for location Flickr as an option in your list.

Complete the areas of the Export dialog with the selected files and be careful, because when you click Export, images go directly to Flickr.

Last step is to click on Authenticate on Flickr button and your browser will open it automatically. All you need is to log-in and click the button Export for finishing the uploading from Lightroom2 to Flickr.

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