flickrWhile surfing the World Wide Web everyone can stumble upon millions of different sites with very different content.

Basically, people who like certain things, who have particular interests, mostly search the web exactly for those things.

People that are into digital photography can find a large number of websites with content according to their taste.

From tutorials to galleries, everything is uploaded on the web. The best one by far in this category is There, everything could be found.

Everyone could create a profile of his own and simply start uploading the photos he or she has taken. The best thing is that it is for free and it is unlimited. So in general you get a place where you can find thousands of expositions of digital photography. From novice to professional, everyone owns a Flickr profile.

Many see this as the best way to get credit and acknowledgement for their beautiful work. In fact, all of today’s modern artists, from all over the world, started this way.

Others see Flickr as an opportunity to share their photos and get some hints and tips in the process. It is just how things work. The images that are uploaded are available for everyone, people leave comments and that is how new methods and techniques can be learned.

So, in one place you can get an honest opinion about your photographs and you can learn all about the secrets of photography, like reflection and light.

Or simply you can spend countless hours browsing through different galleries and see what you like and what you don’t like, what you would like to achieve in your photographs and what you would not. It is a great way of shaping one’s style.

The opportunities are simply endless and there you can find virtually everything from learning photographers to show offs, from regular family photos to masterpieces.

In general, Flickr has it all. Sharing your personal opinion, giving and receiving advice, having fun just browsing, learning or style defining, it is almost impossible to get bored.

Plus there are so many files that are uploaded daily that it is literally impossible to see them all. It is constantly growing; new profiles being opened by the minute.

It is simply a place that offers everything to everyone. So you no longer have to leave your home to see an exposition of digital photography, you can see thousands of them online from the comfort of your own home any time you feel like it.



  1. Flickr is a great resource for digital photography.The best thing i like about flickr is that it is for free and it is unlimited,and it is place where one can find thousands of expositions of digital photography.

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