Gone are those days where families and friends used to gather in photo studios queuing up to capture their treasured moments.  With digital photography being popular in the contemporary world, clicking images is no longer difficult. There are loads of camera models with added features and advanced lenses providing flawless images. However, still in some cases photos do get a bad shape, may be the light is too much or the shadows went wrong or something else. Here are some excellent tips to fix your bad photos and get these memories intact for lifetime –


  • Composition needs to be correct-The basic idea of a good photograph is its alignment of different elements in a frame. You can visually imagine your frame to be divided in multiple squares and accordingly you can position your elements on the grid.
  • Exposure to be adjusted – Ideally any modern camera automatically adjusts the exposure to light of any photograph that is being clicked. But at times you need to manually ensure that the objects that are getting clicked are exposed to the right amount of light. In such cases manually adjusting the exposure helps to click great pictures.
  • Mode of the camera – There is a wide range of modes available with the camera starting from auto, sports, night, etc. Be wise while choosing the mode for your picture. When clicking something that is moving fast adjust the shutter speed, for moving objects you can select the sports mode. Low light shooting or landscape can be used for specific feature shooting.
  • Lighting – Lighting is an interesting and important aspect of clicking any image. Having appropriate lighting can really enhance the quality of the image that has been clicked.
  • Usage of Tripod – Giving time to any image before clicking is the key to click better pictures. Using a tripod ensures that there would not be any shaking of the camera that can happen when hand holding. This reduces the possibility of clicking blur images.
  • Having the power to be selective – With the storage medium being USB there is a tendency to click all possible pictures and dump them to the memory. To click a good picture it is important to be selective even though you have the flexibility to click every picture. Being selective enables you to spend time before pressing the shutter for every image thus enabling to change settings as appropriate.
  • Post processing – It is equally important to post process every image that is being clicked. You can change shades and have the right contrast in every image. Red eyes can also be removed in post processing.

Use the above tips and click and post your picture. Let everyone see your perfection in photography and you can cherish your memories forever.

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