Any photographer prefers a personal Christmas card instead of a commercial one. Digital photography is a matter of imagination, so you can personalize your holiday cards with your own digital images.

The so called photo cards are fun and very easy to do. You will need a good program to edit and the right software to make your own printable photo greeting card.

The right programs to turn your own digital images into a Christmas card are the Shutterfly and the Ofoto. These are online programs that provide high-quality photo cards and allow a personalized message inside each card.

They are printed on 5×7 card stock and you can choose a glossy or a matte finish. All you need to do is upload your image to the photo service and choose the layouts and the messages you want.

The Shutterfly even imports your addresses from Outlook to your Palm device and sends the cards for you. You just need to choose the design.

As for the software, in case you want to produce your own printable photo greeting cards for the holidays, keep in mind that there are quite a few options. Two best programs for this are Adobe Photoshop Album and FotoFinish.


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