Many people consider digital photography just as an art, but is this so? Some professionals have another opinion about it. Ever since the technology has made a revolution, the digital photography is changing to a level that can be considered as scientific.Digital-Art

Those who consider the digital shots as a product of a well working technique, have their own explanation. As we know, editing is a major part of the digital photography and its adjustments and editing tools are part of a scientific technology. Therefore, if digital technology wasn’t a science, we would probably never see images like this.

Without the technology’s options, the photography is never going to be the same, but this provokes another question-the question about the genius behind each photo.

Some call it genius, other calls it personal touch, it can also be called a significant approach, but overall all these names are joined in what is called digital art. Therefore, the digital photography is considered as an art and it will be so, as long as it brings one’s personals views to public.

Yet, the real nature of the digital photography is sometimes a paradox and it is a complicated one, but surely the questions about it will be forgotten simply because if a picture can provoke emotions and thoughts, why bother to wonder if behind it hides technology or genius?


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