Nowadays the vampire fashion is everywhere, including in the digital photography. The effect of dripping blood is very common, when it comes to modern digital works. In case you don’t know how to do it, here is a simple guideline for creating such a picture in Photoshop tutorial.


The first step is to set the blending mode to Multiplier. Use an airbrush pen and leave the opacity. Place little dots in the bloody area, this will help you to create a bloody layer. The brush size should be smaller, and so should be the Minimum Diameter option.


Make the blood droplets and don’t make them as straight lines. They should be close to each other dots. Choose the red color, but make sure it is 100 percent saturated. Play with it, in order to get the “right blood”.

Creating the line of the blood drip is usually the difficult part, but the multiplier mode will help you. The drops of blood will look more realistic, if you drag the brush instead of dabbing.

The inside of the bloodline must be darker, so get the multiplier to paint over it again and again, till you achieve the right effect, which is a darker blood drip.


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