The so called vintage digital photography is extremely modern nowadays. Therefore, here are some tricks how to convert your images into black-and-white. Many professionals are advising that the best program for doing this is the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

vintage photography 1

It is easy and doesn’t take too long. First step is to open the program, then go the Basic dialog box. Find the Develop module and then simply click on Black & White button. After you press it, you will see the so called Black & White Mixer that will show you the audio adjustments.

vintage photography 2

In case you don’t want this to be done automatically, there is also an option for individually adjusting, so you can do it by yourself. The icon X|Y is also useful, for it is showing the before and after mode. Create a virtual copy of your image, before converting it.

vintage photography 3

Use the Targeted Adjustment Tool to adjust the tones straight on your image. Try to set the black and white points of the image, finalize the process with the Levels adjustments and choose the perfect contrast through the Brightness/Contrast tool. You can also extend the exposure latitude by masking. This can be done with compositing. You just need to compose together the different pieces of the picture.


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