Every year, Carl Zeiss, a global optic manufacturer holds a photo contest.

In December 15, this year’s competition begins with the concept of “digital culture”. Lots of unique understandings and captured frames will be shown by various photo enthusiasts and photographers.


Whether professional or amateur, people who love to take photos will surely give proper attention to this year’s competition.

The only rule is to take those photos with Carl Zeiss lenses. In addition, the camera that is being used is not important, even a shot from a mobile phone is accepted.

So, what is this “digital culture” anyway?

This type of culture refers to the increasing percentage of spending time on the internet and the overall global network that connects people via different networking ways and thus become a culture, the life of a person which he or she spends most of the time focused on.


The 10 winners will be selected after January 25. First prize is a Zeiss SLR lens, which can be selected by the winner. The second prize is a set of Cinemizer and an IPOD touch 8GB. The third prize is a mobile phone: Nokia N86.

With those cool prizes and the newest concept of a culture that holds the world, Carl Zeiss’ traditional contest is worth to be given try if digital photography takes an important place in the hearts of those passionate by photography using Zeiss lenses.

Source : Carl Zeiss



  1. Photography is my biggest passion.I want to participate in this photo contest,but i don’t have Carl Zeiss lenses.Are there cell phones with Carl Zeiss lenses?Thanks for the post!

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