Most digital photographers shoot in color and then use special software to turn the shot black and white. The experts may even create a shot, with the premeditation of wanting a monochromatic image, but most photographers take a spontaneous decision during the post-processing work.

Irrespective of the category you may belong to, there is need for sophisticated software to help convert the regular shots into monochromatic pictures. Good digital software offers the user the skill to customize and make the images unique with the help of editing tools that manipulate shadows, highlights, color filters, contrasts and even the grains of the image.

Best B&W Software for Post Processing

onOne Perfect B &W

The on One Perfect B&W has an amazing range of effects that enhance the custom presets. The effects library is easy to navigate and creates a preview thumbnail gallery of the given image in each of the effects to help you easily choose the right one. You can also play around with the dodge and burn tool to control detail and contrasts.

The Wacom tablet is compatible for pressure sensitive strength and brush size changes. It also provides extra film grains, vignettes and borders along with a tool to create layers to allow composites, HDR exposure processing and blends. The software is available as a standalone or as plug in for Aperture, Lightroom and Photoshop.

Nik Silver Efex Pro

An integral part of Google’s Nik Collection, the Silver Efex Pro is popular among professional photographers. Actually, this is their preferred plug in. The contrast and brightness is controlled with  the Dynamic Brightness and Soft Contrast tool that also emphasizes shapes and lines and maintains the highlight exposure all the time clearly defining the field depth. A unique feature helps to compare editing changes side-by-side to undo any unnecessary changes. Preset filters contain extra toners, vignettes, borders and 18 film types.

Topaz B&W Effects

Topaz B&W Effects is a fun plug in to use with its vast library that includes 200 and more filter effects. It is the perfect software for both amateurs and professionals alike. One can play around with authentic grain, border and vignette previews to create perfect images. You can create and store customized presets for future use and use advanced tools that control contrasts, dodging, smoothing, detail control and burning to result in perfect detailing.

Tiffin Dfx 3.0

The Tiffin Dfx has a huge gallery of effects and filters aimed exclusively at monochromatic photography. It has 125 distinctive filters that facilitate layering of multiple effects, offering unlimited creativity. The filters include grains, Tiffen glass, specialized lenses, photographic effects and natural light. It also includes basic manipulating tools that enhance the experience.

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