photography3Photography has never been more exciting than it is today; thanks to digital photography.

People can now take and alter their pictures to produce wonderful effects that you never thought will be possible.

Digital imaging is a process that has opened many doors for both professional and amateur photographers just learning the tricks of the trade.

Digital imaging enables you to take pictures with your analog or digital camera and then later on scan through a computer where you will be able to add text, change colors, change backgrounds, retouch, transform, manipulate and enhance the image.

Digital imaging has many benefits which make it the ideal tool for both pros and amateur photographers.

For example, nowadays digital cameras are now so advanced and contain digital imaging software which means that you don’t even need to have a computer any more for you to enjoy the benefits of digital imaging, you can simply take a photo and digitally enhance it right there on your camera.

Digital imaging is made possible through a wide range of image editing software that can perform a wide range of actions such as cropping, twisting, rotating the image etc.

Some of the most popular of these programs include Corel Draw, Paint Shop, GIMP, Adobe Photoshop, Corel Photo-Paint, and Paint.Net.

One of the many benefits of digital imaging is data compression, which enables you to save and store thousands of digitally compressed photos, so you don’t have to worry about losing any of your photos. Digital compression is possible on most digital cameras and on your computer.

There are no limits to the things you can achieve with digital imaging for example you can add layers to the images, alter the size of the image there by making it either larger or smaller without affecting the quality of the image.

Digital imaging also makes it possible to reduce noise in a photo; noise reduction in an image is the removal of scratches and dust on the image that affect the quality of the image.

Some digital imaging software makes it possible to soften or sharpen an image, which means you can make the image blurry or sharp.

One of the best features of digital imaging is the ability to add special effects to an image. You change the background to anything you want and even add text, so you can write your own special message on your photos.


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