photo croppingInterestingly enough cropping used to be a thing that completely amateur photographers did. Cropping was something that moms and dads did when they wanted to take a bottle of beer out of the picture of their beloved daughter or son. Cropping essentially wasn’t for the seasoned or professional photographers because we always knew how to be proactive in our photography with little need to be reactive.

However times have changed and now that we can use the technique of cropping as professional photographers we can concentrate more on the moment we take the pictures instead of concentrating at all on any extras that got into the field of our view and into our shot.

Cropping also used to be a technique that we could only do on our computers once we downloaded our digital pictures. Now it seems more digital cameras than ever are being designed with the option for the cropping tool right in the camera.

Cropping will allow you to center your subject and later on if you wanted to change the look of the photograph for example if you wanted to align objects in your photograph with the rule of thirds you could do so very easily.



  1. While cropping can certainly be a very useful tool even for professionals, I think it’s still a good idea to use it sparingly. After all, by cropping you are losing part of the picture.

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