It seems like some people are focusing more on becoming experts in the field of photo editing instead of concentrating on their talents as photographers. Many workshops are also teaching too much photo editing with computer software programs instead of the basics of good photography.


Knowing how to utilize photo-editing software is definitely a huge help, but it shouldn’t be relied upon all the time.

A dependency on these types of programs usually makes photographers become lazy as they know they can fix their mistakes on screen. Remember, the main ingredient of photography is a camera, not a computer.

Digital photography definitely provides people with convenience and cost savings and it also allows people to enjoy it even though they may be more adept at manipulating software than a camera.

The difference between film photography and the digital method is quite substantial, but being a wizard on an editing program doesn’t necessarily make you a good photographer.

Software enables people to do some pretty amazing things to images. But if there’s no likeness to your original photo at the end of all the processing, there doesn’t seem much point in taking the shot in the first place. Some people’s photos are completely unrecognizable from the originals after they’ve edited them.

Also, there are some things you can’t save in the editing process. When a subject is so out of focus, you’re not going to be able to change it and you can’t take the blur away from a moving object after taking shots with the wrong shutter speed.

You need to understand how the basics of photography work and master them as well. You’ll also feel a greater sense of satisfaction if your photos don’t need much retooling on the screen.

It may be a little different in the business world where an excellent image is the goal. However, most photography is the idea of capturing a moment and sharing it with others, no matter what it looks like. Why spend hours in front of a computer screen trying to fix a photo that you can take in about 1/1000thof a second of you learn the basics?


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