Ever since Ansel Adams and Fred Archer invented the Digital Zone system, they had given the digital photographers around the globe an opportunity to produce better images through this control tool. Nowadays you can control your pictures due to the basic options of this magnificent device.

digital imageZone System is used often for contrasts and richer tones, as well as for approaching the perfect nuances in the picture. Through the Controlling contrast option of this tool you can choose a contrast range of the negative in order to increase or reduce the highlights and the shadows of your images.

The basics of Zone systems are divided by 8 different options. Zone 5 is the mid-tone of the scene. Zone 4 and 3 are for rendering dark images. For lighter options use Zone 6. If you want two stops lighter, go for Zone 7. Zone 8 is for the lightest images, as well as Zone 2 represents black ones.

There is also Zone System Exposure options for digital cameras, which demands a spot meter and a manual exposure mode.


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