Photoshop has made a revolution and for 20 years it turned out to be one of the most used digital programs in the history.

adobe photoshopNowadays Adobe Photoshop celebrates its twentieth anniversary. The event will mark the most memorable moments from its creation till now.

The magic of Photoshop is now everywhere- there is no place on earth, in which this program hasn’t been used. The image editor, which brushed the most famous Hollywood bodies, is the favorite program of designers, photographers and picture lovers.

The funniest moments from the history of Adobe Photoshop will soon be displayed, so to show us when to stop distorting the images, we make.

To pay tribute to its own anniversary Photoshop is now giving free tutorials for all who love this magical program. The basic steps and improvements for better images will be given from the world famous program in order to celebrate a revolution, which many define as an end of the natural look.

digital imagingPhotoshop of course has made many political and social careers impossible after creating embarrassing images. But the evolution in digital photography, which came with Photoshop creation, stays one of most significant changes in the history of digital imaging.


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