When you are buying a new digital camera, you already know what exactly you need. There are some professional advices and criteria how to choose the best camera options.

According to the experts in digital photography it is not a good idea to spend too much money on a pocket camera.

digital cameraInstead, you can check the latest offers, but make sure they have the options you need. For those of you, who are willing to change their devices, don’t forget to test the size before buying.

The size ranges from shirt pocket to mini-DSLR size. Another option you must require is the optical zoom range. Lately the mega-zooms go to 20 Xs. Always check for the built quality and the ease of usage.

camera lensesControls are an option that many underestimate, but it’s needed, especially from auto to full manual. The speed of focusing, shooting and refreshing are the most important options that you need to test before buying.

Don’t forget to check the image quality and the ability to shoot RAW, as well as lens for low-light shooting.


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