Most digital SLR cameras and some point and shoot models have several mode icons on their camera settings. These modes are designed to automatically adjust the camera settings, such as shutter speed, ISO, and aperture, to meet a specific situation. Most cameras have modes for portraits, night shots, and sports, etc.

The sports mode icon typically looks like a small running figure. When you choose this mode, the camera will adapt the settings by adjusting the ISO, reducing the aperture’s f/stop to give a shallower depth of field, increase the shutter speed freeze action in the image, increase the frame advancement to the highest level, (frames per second), and adjust the auto focus mode to artificial servo or adaptive.

These levels are the best for sports photography. However, the camera’s limitations will vary from model to model.

The ISO will be adjusted to 400 or higher, depending on the lighting conditions. The f/stop is reduced to help isolate action and the shutter speed will also increase depending on the light available. It will typically set to 1/200 of a second or faster.

A fast frame advance will allow you to take several shots continuously. In addition, the auto focus will change to a predictive mode as it will anticipate speed, closeness, and direction of the main subject. This focusing is very helpful in with fast-speed action.

Using sports mode is a good way to automatically change the camera settings so you don’t have to do them manually or guess what they should be.


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