Photography is famous hobby now-a-days and owning a camera is a treat for your hobby.

Owning a sophisticated camera has become the basic necessity of photographer, but do you really need a costly camera to fulfill your hobby requirements?

The first answer is yes and the answer comes out without a second thought. When you are purchasing a luxurious camera, you need to check some basic requirements while selecting it.

What to check out while selecting camera?

Why do you need camera? Before buying a camera the first question to ask yourself is, what is the requirement for buying a camera? Before buying camera question yourself- what is the budget of the camera?

Where do you handle the camera? What type of photographer you are, what photos do you shoot? Do you have experience over the camera setting; do you recognize the use of these settings? If you can answer these questions successfully, you can select a perfect camera for yourself that satisfies all your needs.

Do not go on pixels and select the camera: The first thing that many amateur photographers do is they select the camera according to the mega pixels it is providing. See pixel as a section in selecting the camera, but do not select the camera just on the basis of pixels. Pixels give you the image of higher quality and the print of the image is also of the same quality.

Accessories: Before finalizing any camera, just check out the accessories it is providing. If you find those accessories as satisfactory then this makes a purchase sense.

If you get accessories that are not useful to you, then you will keep those accessories aside and do not even bother to use them. See that the camera you are buying provides you with all necessary accessories such as extra batteries, useful lenses [Photographic Lenses], filters, lens hood, memory card, charger etc…

Digital camera or Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (DSLR): If you are buying camera as a treat for your photography hobby, then it is better to buy a digital camera as this has many sophisticated options making your hobby more luxurious.  DSLR cameras are cheaper than digital camera but are heavy and bigger making the usage harder.

The cleaning is expensive and DSLR camera needs many extra accessories and this can be a burden on your hobby. Both the cameras have their own disadvantages and advantages, but as you are selecting camera for your photography hobby digital cameras can be a better choice.

Get reviews: When buying a camera prefer listening to the previous user who is using the cameras as you do not have any idea on the camera and its features.

As they would be using the camera, they will know all the probable pros and cons of the camera and judge them correctly.  You can find many sites that provide with reader reviews on the products. Just go through the review and then select the camera.



  1. i love photography.I’m planning to learn on how to use a DSLR and want to buy one.This tips indeed help me to buy the perfect one..Thanks a lot for the tips!

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