cameraBefore hurrying to a store and spending a large amount of money on any kind of shinning new toy you have read about inside a digital photography magazine, you have to ask yourself what exactly are you expecting from your future acquisition.

Buying a digital camera and expecting to get as a result digital photographs identical as quality, style and composition with the ones in the magazines; photographs taken by the most famous digital photographers with professional equipment, you may be surprised finding out that there are several significant differences between these photos and the ones you are about to take.

Lately the digital photography evolved a great deal from the age when buying a role of film of 35mm was considered a bold move , especially because as the market develops , the compact cameras are about to get more and more performing and present an even bigger challenge for the common user.

But without knowing how to use such a camera and without having extensive knowledge of Photoshop the results will pretty much be the same.

A very considerable advantage would be the LCD screen on the back of the camera which will allow you to see what horrid picture you just took and give you the possibility to try again, and again without any supplementary expenses like film or post processing.

Even if you have such an advantage you must know and understand some things about resolution, white balance, curves, sharp mask and many other things. It isn’t very difficult to learn these things in order to obtain better digital photos but the learning process requires time.

If you consider buying a digital camera you will have the possibility of sharing with your friends only those pictures which you really want to. The advantage is clear because apart from saving you the expenses a digital camera can save you the embarrassment of having taken a disastrous photograph.

There are a lot of things that can be said about digital cameras, but nobody can say that they aren’t really fun.

Only the fact that, a photograph can be taken instantaneously, without worrying about the film and the post processing costs are a blast and as a plus, all the photographs can be stored on an electronic media support and can be enjoyed with family and friends.



  1. I love photography. It’s another passion of mine.Very informative article. Hope this will help me to buy a professional digital camera.Thanks for the excellent write up!

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