manual mode and auto modeEvery camera consists of two modes: manual mode and auto mode and some cameras have only one mode [Different camera modes].

  • Automatic mode: Rarely requires photographer attention and can set according to the conditions in the picture frame.
  • Manual mode: Requires the complete attention of the photographer to adjust the setting in the camera for clicking the images.

When is auto mode preferred?

Auto mode or automatic mode is one and the same. Once you set the camera in auto mode, your camera is like completely loaded and does not require your attention and automatically adjusts to the environment you have set. For e.g.: If you have set the camera in portrait mode, the camera adjusts to smaller aperture. If you have adjusted to landscape photography, the camera adjusts to larger aperture.

What are the conditions to prefer auto mode in camera?

New to photography: If you are an apprentice to photograph and do not know any basics of photography, then auto mode is prescribed for you. Auto mode in the camera is like a map to a tourist who is new to a place. It completely adjusts the camera according to the photographer’s requirements [Tips for beginner photographer].

Apprentice photographer cannot adjust the setting in the camera for required frequencies, so this may ruin the shot. By adjusting the camera in auto mode, you are making the camera understand the necessary settings.

Subject unstable: If shooting kids or pets, they cannot be stable in one place and wait for you to take the shot. They always run here and there, so if you set your camera in a manual mode, this may not support the conditions because they will change the places continuously, sometimes outdoors and sometimes indoors.

If you are busy changing the setting, then you may miss great shot. So, by setting the camera in auto mode, you can assure of the shot.

You cannot understand the standard terms: If you are new to the photography, you cannot understand what is aperture, shutter speed, ISO, focal length and other terms related to the photography. In this case, you cannot adjust the settings according to the picture. Setting the camera in auto mode helps you to cut down the tension of adjustments required for the shot.

When is manual mode preferred?

Macro photography: If you are clicking close-up images, then you need manual setting. Every point and shoot camera supports the macro photography mode, but the result is not 100%. So, manual modes are very necessary when clicking macro images.

Action: Every camera has its own respective sports mode. But sometimes when you are shooting very speed subjects, you need to take proper care for avoiding unnecessary blurs in the photos. The auto mode does not support the action photography to complete extent and therefore manual settings are very important for action photos.

Portraits: You can experience the shallow field depth even after setting the camera in auto portrait mode. So, manual settings are required to overrule this drawback and get good portraits [Portrait photography].

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