SLR digital camerasSLR or single lens reflex is widely used in digital photography.

It has many advantages over the regular EVF lenses.

Advantages of using SLR in digital photography are many among which the following are the most likely to be noticed.

A wide range of lenses are available to choose from. A photographer can choose according to their requirement. Over 40 different types of SLR are available to become the tool for the most exquisite photography.

Interchangeable lenses make it convenient to adjust the right lens for a particular shoot.

The quality of images captured by the SLR digital cameras is much higher and better at any given resolution.

SLR digital cameras are better performers; they have a faster auto focus, the shutter delay is shorter, continuous shooting is faster and these types of cameras have larger memory[memory card] capacity.

SLR digital cameras are designed more functionally. The adjustment wheels are all within reach of the thumb and fore finger. Thus they can be adjusted without any fuss.

Lesser shutter lag means that fast action, so sports or other events’ rapid shots can be easily and clearly captured.

It processes the image faster, thus it is ready faster for the next frame.

SLR digital photography has its advantages over the traditional camera. Though a little expensive, the newer models are now giving the EVF cameras a run for their price.



  1. I love Digital SLR Photography.I knew there were so many advantages of using SLR in digital photography.I’m so glad to have come across this article. Love reading it.Thank you for sharing…

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