Every electronic gadget is very susceptible to damage and misuse and therefore it is very important to protect them as much as we can. Same is true for digital cameras. Digital cameras have to be protected from dust, water and heat. Infact the LCD screen of our digital cameras must also be kept safe from scratches and cracks.

screen protector


For this, many people opt for using a screen protector. A screen protector for a digital camera is basically a thin plastic film which is of the size of the LCD display and is applied on top of it to avoid the screen from getting scratched or damaged. Let’s learn about some of the other benefits and uses of using screen protectors for digital camera:

  • The main use of a screen protector is to protect the screen from minor and major scratches. We often tend to scratch the screens of cameras unknowingly with our nails or by keeping them on hard surfaces like wooden tables, glass tops etc. So to prevent this, screen protectors are used.
  • Another use of screen protectors is to provide the digital camera’s screen a slight buffer in case it falls. Though, screen protectors made using thin film cannot prevent cracks, but these days, there are thicker screen protectors which can prevent cracks and other major damages.
  • A screen protector of glossy finish gives your camera a good and polished look. These protectors also provide UV protection and give your screen a very long life.  Many digital cameras are used outdoors in the sun and can be damaged through excessive UV rays but these screen protectors make sure that the UV rays do not reach the screen.

Types of digital camera screen protectors:

The following are some of the common types of screen protectors available for your digital camera:

  • Screen protectors which are very clear and have a glossy finish.
  • Screen protectors with a mirror coating on top.
  • Screen protectors with an anti-glare coating.
  • Screen protectors that have filter UV coating.
  • Screen protectors with matte finish.
  • Screen protectors that have shatterproof properties and come with impact protection.
  • Screen protectors which come with oleophobic coating that is used to minimize fingerprints.

Disadvantages of Digital Camera Screen Protectors:

It is often considered that improperly fitted digital screen protectors interfere with the operation of those cameras which have touch screen displays and this is one of the major disadvantages of using these protectors.

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