While security cameras have the ability to thwart crime, they don’t substantially reduce it. There are exceptions, of course. The success stories convince us to respond more strongly in response and prevention activities. Still, security cameras do have their place and value in the fight against crime.

Although it’s comforting to imagine vigilant police monitoring every camera, the truth is very different for a variety of reasons — technological limitations of cameras, organizational limitations of police and the adaptive abilities of criminals. No one looks at most security camera footage until well after a crime is committed. And when the police do look at the recordings, there is no guarantee that they’ll be able to identify the suspects. Criminals don’t often pose for a camera and tend to wear sunglasses and hats.

To many, security cameras tend to afford a sense of security, when in reality they may or may not be helping our particular situation. Thus it’s wise to take other precautions along with the installation of a security camera system. When considering your circumstances be aware there are many measures we can take to aid assist our security needs. Even a security system, the type of burglar alarm system might be another device in our tool belt to aid us in your quest for security.

Be vigilant. The solution isn’t always for police to watch the cameras more diligently. Unlike an officer walking the beat, cameras look only in particular directions at particular locations, so keep this in mind when considering the best measures to pursue. Security cameras are only one aspect in our fight against crime.


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