There was a time when having one camera in the family was enough. But as times have changed, it has become almost a necessity not to just have a camera phone, but to also have a high definition camera for the vacations and also a waterproof camera for the beach and pool parties.

But before you plunge into buying a waterproof camera, take a step back and understand which camera will serve your purpose. Not every camera can capture your snorkeling or deep sea diving. Some are quite flimsy and are suited only for the splash photos at the pool.

Top Rated Waterproof Digital Cameras

Let us take a look at the digital cameras that will provide satisfying photos even under water.

Canon Powershot D30

canon powershot D30Photo Credit:

This is by far world’s deepest waterproof camera, and can be submerged down to 82 feet. Currently priced at $329, this camera has a built-in GPS, a Sunlight LCD mode and a top ISO of 3200. Benefit from other features like Movie Digest, Fisheye Effect, Miniature Effect, Toy Camera Effect, and Smart Shutter.

Nikon Coolpix AW120

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With this camera go down to 59 feet under water. Its power to record full 1080p video with stereo sound and slow motion, makes it suitable for still and video action photography in snow, sand, and under water. You can control the camera with a smartphone or tablet via built-in WiFi. Get it in Blue, Camo, Black, or Orange for $289.

Olympus TG3

olympus TG3Photo Credit By:

Priced at $349, this camera is unique because it is a system camera. Its normal focal lens can be augmented via an adapter to enhance the focal length to a fisheye lens. This feature helps you as fisheye and ultrawide lenses are the main choice for underwater photography.

Fujifilm XP200

fujifilm XP200Photo Credit By:

Fujifilm has put together this sturdy camera protecting it from dirt, dust and water so much so that you can dive in to a depth of 50 feet and yet the camera will take lovely pictures of the water kingdom. And they are offering it for just below $240.

Nikon 1 AW1

nikon 1 AW1Photo Credit By:

This is the first interchangeable-lens compact digital camera that can be used in dives. Go down to as deep as 49 feet and it will still serve your purpose. It is Wi-Fi compatible and quite handy and light given its features. Get one in silver, white or black.

Though these cameras come with warranty, it is advisable not to test them in deeper waters than suggested. For deeper waters, check for professional camera lenses and other apparatus that are waterproof as well.

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