Most small digital cameras are known as point and shoot because that’s really all you have to do with some of them, point and shoot the photo. This is because they’re so easy to use since many of them are fully automatic. These cameras are ideal if you don’t want to carry around a camera bag full of accessories and most of the images are for personal, not professional use.

The Lowdown on Point and Shoot Cameras

These cameras have evolved quite a bit over the years. While they used to be designed for beginners, some of the models now come with some advanced features such as manual controls for the aperture and shutter speed. Some of them even have a hot shoe. This enables you to attach some accessories such as a flash unit on the camera.

When looking for a good quality point and shoot camera, remember to consider the mega pixels, as well as special features and modes. When it comes to mega pixels, the higher the number, the better the print quality will be for your photos and they’ll also be easier to crop. If you don’t plan on printing any of the images, you may want to buy a less expensive camera with less mega pixel capability.

But when it comes to photography, remember that it’s often an art and having the most expensive camera on the market won’t guarantee great results.

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