olympus e 620The E-620 does have the advantage of bearing the Olympus name, which is still a strong recommendation in itself.

This particular model is excellent for those that consider themselves amateur photographers and is a very good ‘entry level’ piece of equipment.

It does have several advantages over equivalent rivals from Nikon or Cannon for example. The main advantages are that the 620 can offer considerably more useful features than other models of a similar type in the same price range.

It is very compact, extremely lightweight and generally much faster than most equivalent cameras. It is a digital SLR with the advantage of an image stabilizing system, which is so helpful for less proficient photographers.

It is well designed with an offset lens to allow slightly more room for it to be easily handled by average adult hands, a design feature often overlooked by manufacturers. There is a nice reasonably sized 2.7 inch LCD screen incorporating easy menu navigation as well as other common features.

It has no less than 6 art Filters, as well as Multiple Exposure Shooting facilities and incorporating Multi-aspect Ratio Shooting which all adds up to a nice bundle of features for a lower price range, easy-to-use, digital camera.

You can find more details about Olympus E-620 at Test Freaks.



  1. This camera and Olympus in general is far worse than Nikon or Canon´s. Both Nikon and Canon offer less noise, much better dynamic range and of course better optics.

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